Brief Notes from the Parish Council Meeting 30 July 2015

  • Cookswood quarry.  Still no final paperwork in place so no progress on development goals.
  • Traffic calming. The letter sent to Somerset highways has been received and our questions will be researched.
  • Millenium wood.  It is still the responsibility of the county and they should mow the grass.  It is yet to be sold to the parish, possibily for £1, though conditions and expenses will apply.
  • The corner of the roadway at Crosslynds and the Old Post office is seen as dangerous for pedestrians.  Somerset Highways will be asked to appraise the situation.
  • Superfast broadband will go live for our village before Christmas.
  • Village design statement.  The present document, in draft form, is to be put on the village website.  It is still work in progress and will be added to and edited by our working party.
  • Planning application for a site between Water’s Edge and Gooseacre for two houses will require a separate meeting as the paperwork did not arrive in time for this agenda.
  • The 161 and 164 bus routes are being put out to tender.  There is interest in taking up these services.
  • Two new community buses are planned.  A village co-ordinator is required to find out what services will suit the parish best.
  • The planning application for the conversions at Live and Let will be approved by Mendip as they see a benefit in increasing the housing stock that over rides the concerns over parking issues.
  • The village Church is seeking to install solar panels on the south facing roof.  There was no opposition to this.
  • Cheques were signed for the grass cutting, street lighting, play bark, training for new parish councillors and the hire of the village hall.
  • The playing field grass cutting is now carried by new contractors who do pick up grass cuttings.  The costs of the old and new contracts are still to be resolved.                                                    Date of next meeting  3rd Sept.

Brief Notes from Parish Council Meeting in June

  • Parish website: It is proving impossible to add the minutes of previous meetings to the new site at present.
  • Traffic calming:  Responses to the Somerset traffic report are still under discussion.  The parish council is interested in a fuller statement than that received some weeks ago.  The traffic engineer enlisted by the Restore Stoke group has provided some searching questions that may be pertinent.
  • Cookswood quarry:  Mendip District council are about to grant an environment certificate.  Subject to planning conditions further landscaping is probable.
  • Affordable housing:  We believe that Nina Richards at MDC is likely to talk to James Francis about his offer of land, for both private and shared housing off Frog Lane.
  • Planning items: Bentley’s restaurant complex –  the problem of parking issues were raised by the public and discussed by the p.c.   The parking allocation on the plans does not tally with parking spaces on the ground.  This plan was therefore not recommended for approval.
  • Home House – extension and alterations were recommended for approval now that the ecological statement is in place.
  • East End cottages – replacement of derelict extension was recommended for approval.
  • Oak Cottage –  the new rear extension  was recommended for approval.
  • Finance:  Cheques were authorise for daily cleaning of the Lychgate, the clerk’s expense and salary,  the burial clerk’s salary,   new play bark for the playground and grass cutting of our open spaces.

Brief Notes from Parish Council Meeting in May

Traffic survey results:  404 questionnaires were given out, one copy to each household on the electoral register in the parish.                                                                                           35% were returned.  Of these 75%  opposed the present traffic calming scheme.  22% were in favour of the measures.  3% of the returns were filled in incorrectly.

Planning applications were received for a new house alongside Cook’s Farm.  This development was recommended for refusal because of the difficulty of access.  The Manor House application was referred to Mendip as the property is a listed building.

The D Day celebration events are now widely publicised.  There is still time to help as a marshal, with a stall in the pub yard, with cakes for sale, raffle gifts and help setting up the event on 7th June.

Contact ALUN STEWART  01749 840275

Cheques for the cutting of the playing field, the grass on the churchyard and burial ground, annual insurances, lighting and the Somerset Association of local council were authorised.

Parish council chairman and vice chair are to change for the new council’s year.  Ray Watts is to be the chair and Tanya Squire is to be Vice chair.

The lychgate newsletter may develop into a village wide newsletter.  The council are considering a paper that covers the school PTA, the football club, the pub and shop and all parish news.  The council input will remain.

The parish is committed to holding a meeting for the villagers on the completion of Somerset’s traffic survey this summer.  Highways should send a representative.  It may be that a further poll of resident’s opinions will be set up.



This is not a formal Parish Council Meeting, but one where you, as electors, are welcome to come and participate.

After the Minutes of last year’s Annual Assembly have been read and agreed, the Chairman will present his review of the past year. Financial Reports will be presented by the Parish Council, together with annual accounts from representatives of other local committees. The meeting will then be open to questions and comments from the floor.




A Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday, 21st May 2015 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. County & District Councillor’s Reports (unless covered at the Annual Meeting)
  4. Minutes of previous meetings
  5. Matters arising from the Minutes
  6. Traffic Calming
  7. Speed Watch Update
  8. Cookswood
  9. Affordable Housing
  10. Planning
  11. Application No. 2015/0946/FUL –Edford Garage, Edford Hill, Holcombe – Extension to the existing commercial premises
  12. Finance
  13. Bank balances
  14. Cheques for authorisation

Primrose Garden Maintenance Ltd – Grass Cutting

Aon Ltd – Insurance

SALC – Membership fee

Glasdon UK Ltd – Dog Waste Bins

SSM War Memorial Hall – Rental charges

EDF Energy – Lighting

Playing Field Grant

15 Burial Ground

16 Village Design Statement

17 Correspondence

18 Matters to report/Items for next Agenda

Date of next Meeting:  Thursday, 18th June at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall



Brief Notes on Parish Council Meeting in March

The Parish Council will buy two new dog waste bins.  One probably for the centre of the village and one for Mill Lane.

Traffic calming.  Somerset county council believe that the measures have reduced traffic speed and are wary of altering the design in case of a public liability claim in the event of accident or injury.  They think that the removal of the elements would cause a rise in speeds through the village.

Minor changes to the traffic calming scheme could be considered by Somerset County council.   It may be that changes to such things as the lamp post in the front of the pub are feasible.  Ideas to the parish council.

The 2015 council tax will include an extra £25 for flood defence measures on the Somerset levels.

The 2012 incident when rocks from quarry blasting were hurled onto the road, has resulted in a prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive.  Contractors were held responsible and fined.  Wainwright’s acted as a prosecution witness. With this in mind, any discussion of the case with the parish council was withheld as this would have been in contempt of court. New working practises are now established. The next quarry liaison meeting is not until 21st October. Meetings are held every 6 months. Attendance is by invitation only and meeting minutes and agendas are not published [post meeting note].

The PCSO is aware of the use of legal highs on the playing field.  Dozens of canisters of nitrous oxide have been found.  Patrols will target this area as others, as concerns were raised about drug use in our parish.

The library van is still to visit Stoke.  It has only 7 Registered users.  It could be a useful resource for all ages.  It is a case of use it or loose it.

District Councillor Val Horler is to retire from local politics.  She has been a fine servant of the village and pursued our interests at Mendip Council. Many thanks for all the time and work involved.

Cookswood.  It has been reported that work may be underway in the quarry.  Trees have been felled and terraces leveled.  It is thought that this is before there is a “satisfaction of planning conditions. The District Councillors have been asked to follow this up.

There is no progress on the affordable housing question.

There is no progress on the purchase of the millennium woodland.

There is a complex question of balancing the burial ground’s books.  There appear to be historic arrears in both the dues for interment and salary cheques not cashed in years past.

The new parish website is up and running.  Councillors are encouraged to keep it up to date.

Elections are due for the new parish council.  If you wish to be nominated as a parish councillor papers can be obtained from Mendip District Council, either to be collected in person or call electoral Services Team  01749 341530  The closing date is 9th April at 4pm.